When it comes to planning a vacation to Panama City Beach, making the right selection of which place to stay at could make all the difference. To help you avoid any possible issues that could ruin your trip, we’ve gathered a list of the best places to stay and organized them into hotels, condos, and resorts. Each segment also has a link to their profiles for additional information, as well as links to their reviews.

If you’re curious about the differences between these three categories of rentals, here is a brief overview that covers the understanding within the United States.

Hotels: Usually a good hotel will have an excellent view and are more oriented towards servicing their guests. You can expect to have the room exactly like the images you see online as well as services like wake-up calls and a selection of items for breakfast. These are perfect for people who travel often and don’t want to spend a lot of time handling things themselves, prefering to just easily enjoy the Emerald Gulf!
Condos: These are for those who want a nice location, but don’t really care to be treated as guests. The rooms are owned by individuals and are decorated uniquely. They also tend to have a larger area and amenities like a fuller kitchen. These make a great selection for people who travel from outside the United States, since they don’t require a car to get to the coast, but give a greater comfort and warmth than a hotel.
Resorts: Resorts are for those who want to imagine they live where they vacation. They trade off the great location of hotels and condos for individual houses. The properties tend to be Panama City Beach themed and are perfect for a vacation with a lot of guests. You can often save money with these by having larger groups split the cost.

Panama City Beach Hotels:

Boardwalk Beach Hotel:

This beachfront hotel is incredibly affordable and has a huge selection of opportunities. Besides an excellent view, it also offers on-site dining, one of the largest private beaches in the United States, and a pet-friendly policy! The Boardwalk rental has all you need for your guests, pets, and all in between. This is one of those places that you’ll enjoy almost as much as the PCB shore!

More Info: Boardwalk Beach Hotel
Reviews: Tripadvisor

La Quinta:

Located centrally to all of the Panama City area, La Quinta is a best choice for those looking to experience something more than the coast and view what the true locals get up to. This hotel is different than other hotels due to not being located right on the coast, but it offers a top choice for those looking to vacation during one of the many events like the Pirates of the High Seas Festival or the Bloody Mary and Music Festival due to its central placement. You’ll also save money due to it being top 5 in value with reviews from Tripadvisor for PCB rentals.

More Info: La Quinta
Reviews: Tripadvisor

Hampton Inn:

The Hampton Inn is a good choice for those who want to save themselves from anything out of the ordinary during their stay. It is designed just like all the other Hampton hotels in the United States and isn’t located on the famous Emerald Coast, but it is located right next to St. Andrews Bay. It may not have the view, but if you’re planning on renting out pontoons, travel to Shell Island, or take a look at St. Andrews State Park, then this is one of the properties to consider!

More Info: Hampton Inn
Reviews: Tripadvisor

Panama City Beach Condos:

Moonspinner Vacation Rentals:

Moonspinner has the best location of any place to stay on this list. Being the rentals farthest to the East of Thomas Drive, you can have the comfort of a condo, quiet due to being away from the party, and a beachfront view. It’s right next to St. Andrews State Park, so it offers the opportinity to explore nature or take an easy shuttle to Shell Island, yet it’s on Thomas Drive so if you want to go where the party’s at you only have to go down the road! This is the rental that will guarantee the best vacation.

More Info: Moonspinner Vacation Rentals
Reviews: Tripadvisor

The Commodore Condos:

This is a great choice if you’re planning on bringing a larger family or have lots of guests. It comes with a large area living room and fully provided amenities. It also provides an amazing Gulf view with one of the few coastal-facing heated pools in PCB.

More Info: The Commodore Condos
Reviews: Tripadvisor

Princess Condo Rentals:

if you happen to be traveling by RV, then this is one of the few places in PCB with RV parking and an excellent ocean view! It also comes with some of the best offers along the coast: three heated pools, full amenities, and a free welcome package that helps you save money that includes free pizza, mini golf, and a cruise with Paradise Adventures! You’re treated better than guests at this excellent rental.

More Info: Princess Condo Rentals
Reviews: Tripadvisor

Panama City Beach Resorts:

Venture Out:

Venture Out is the largest neighborhood on Thomas Drive, so you’ll be staying in individual houses rather than one of the taller properties! Located on the Easternmost-end, you have convenient access to both the Emerald Coast and St. Andrews Bay, St. Andrews State Park, and are within walking distance to many restaurants and things to do that make this area famous! Venture Out offers a huge selection of things to do and is also great family oriented place to travel! There are three different links provided below because the properties seem to be managed by three different groups, but share a review page. If you’re interested, be sure to call around to save with the best rates for the houses!

More Info: Venture Out at Panama City Beach, Inc.
Venture Out Vacations
Venture Out Beach Rentals
Reviews: Tripadvisor

Resort Collection:

If you’ve ever seen a photo showing down the coast of Panama City Beach, odds are you were looking at mostly places under the Resort Collection. Famous across the United States, these hotels, houses, and resorts are some of the most luxurious and best-placed locations you can choose from. With over 10 different places to stay in PCB, check out their website and see what an ideal vacation may look like!

More Info: Resort Collection
Reviews: Can be found for each individual property on ‘More Info’ link.

Sheraton Bay Point Resort:

Despite being located in the Upper Grand Lagoon, Sheraton Bay Point Resort is the peak in luxury in all of Panama City Beach. This is where people go to have their weddings, play golf, and enjoy the on-site spas. This resort offers the largest selection of luxury activities of anything on this list. If your priority is to impress guests or eliminate all the stress you may have, then you’ll see this place outperform. There’s a reason it’s in the top 10 with reviews for PCB rentals.

More Info: Sheraton Bay Point Resort
Reviews: Tripadvisor

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