Everyone knows that Panama City Beach is one of the hottest places in Florida and the South, both literally and metaphorically. But when is the best to travel here? Below we answer that question by covering things such as when PCB is the most busy, when its best to take your kids on a family vacation, what the average temperatures are, how the humidity is, and some of the main events going on that make it such a popular spot! Hopefully below you’ll find everything you need to know to help you plan when you should have your next visit to PCB!

Spring in Panama City Beach

High-76° F/24° C
Low-60° F/16° C
Average Water-73° F/23° C

This time of year is when you’ll see Panama City Beach at its craziest! Spring Break turns this place into one of the most popular and crowded destination spots in the South! In the Grand Lagoon, you can see a massive party centered around Club La Vela, the largest club in the entire USA. These are no average parties either, restaurants bring out their most unique cocktails for the Spring Breakers to ensure a crazy experience. However, it’s only for a part of the whole season as Spring Break usually only lasts around the month of March. The weather is warm and calm and the Florida humidity is also low, which is great for people who are planning to travel to PCB from areas not as South as us and are concerned about being comfortable. It’s also worth it to consider getting a rental early if you’re planning to stay. Reservations for Spring Break start to have a back log around New Years, and its difficult to find good places after that. This is especially the case for hotels along the beach. For parents looking to vacation with their kids over Spring Break from school, its generally not recommended as the parties are heavily oriented towards those over the age of 21. If you decide to anyway, its recommended to pay slightly higher rates for somewhere near the Western end of PCB, as most of the major events occur near the East in the Grand Lagoon area.

Summer in Panama City Beach

High-87° F/31° C
Low-73° F/23° C
Average Water-83° F/28° C

The Summers here are also very busy. However, the type of people who travel down South during the months of June, July, and August are vastly different than the Spring Breakers. You should be able to find rentals with decent rates despite the somewhat crowded time of visit. If you’re not sure of where to stay, we also have an article to help you in learning the best places to stay in PCB! Its also a great idea to visit with your kids during their break from school! There are many fun and family oriented activities the make this a great destination spot, such as the Freedom Rocks 4th of July celebration and things like the Sea Dragon Pirate Cruise. Water-based activities here are also the best in the USA, with June presenting a perfect opportunity for a pontoon rental, visit Shell Island, or just enjoy the Emerald Coast. Humidity is very high in the month of June, as well as July. The humidity is so high that near the end of the season around July and August, middle of the day intense rains are fairly common. This also occurs throughout the rest of Florida. They pass quickly though, and its recommended you take the break to go dine at one of the local restaurants instead of just heading back for the day, since it will usually be clear by the time you finish your meal! Enjoying the Emerald Gulf’s water, some of the most beautiful in the USA, can also help with the humidity.

Fall in Panama City Beach

High-79° F/26° C
Low-63° F/17° C
Average Water-72° F/22° C

Fall is when the rental rates start to drop back down! This is the perfect season to visit for those looking for average weather that’s not too hot and with low humidity. For those who are used to colder weather, the water will seem very comfortable despite being 10 degrees lower than in the previous months. If you want to keep your kids out of school a little bit longer, there are also tons of fun family events! In just the month of October, we have both the Pirates of the High Seas Festival and the Bloody Mary and Music Festival, some of the most well known occasions in the South! It also tends to not be a popular time of year due to everyone getting the urge to travel out of them during the warmer months, so don’t expect many crowds outside of the major events! Restaurants don’t shut down here during the off-seasons like other places in Florida, so you’ll be able to have all the great food that PCB is known for! If you haven’t been to any of the seafood restaurants here yet, you’re missing out! Beaches will also be more open, especially at Shell Island, so you can have a destination for your own private getaway vacation!

Winter in Panama City Beach

High-65° F/18° C
Low-48° F/9° C
Average Water-63° F/17° C

It may be tempting to travel with the kids on vacation during their winter break from school to more sunny spots, and we can help with that! The beaches will be almost completely open, as the water is incredibly brisk to say the least. The air can be a bit chilly too, going down to an average of 48 degrees at some times, usually in the month of February. Luckily the humidity is also lower in the South during Winter! Despite this, it is still one of the warmest paces in all of the USA during this season. Since PCB has made a huge effort to preserve both natural and artificial reefs, fishing can be done year round, so its worth considering spending a day out on the water! Rates on fishing charters are relatively low due to how many there are to choose from! Restaurants still serve fresh catch despite the chilly weather! It could also be one of the best times to travel if you’re into scuba diving, since its cool enough to back off the algae buildup that often may occur.

Hopefully these quick descriptions can help you with a general idea of what your trip could look like depending on the season. In general though, they can be broken down like this: Spring is great for the people who want to party and go wild without kids around, Summer is great for families and perfect for water activities, but with the most humidity, Fall is the slightly colder, with lower rates, and with less humidity version of Summer, and Winter is a time for experiencing PCB without tourists and with open beaches, as long as you don’t mind the slight cold. All of these experiences combined make us a perfect destination spot regardless of the season!

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