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5512 Thomas Drive, Panama City, Panama City, FL 32408
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The driving idea behind Panama City Diving is essentially to be a clubhouse– the central hub of a community of divers and place for them to meet up, plan their next adventure, and be a resource to further the knowledge and safety of that community. All are welcome. The origin of our Dive Shop started as a simple boat charter in 2008. It consisted of Capt Pat, a Divemaster, a boat, a cell phone and a website. Pat, a Panama City Beach native, believed that since none of the other dive boats in town were run by their owners or the owners weren’t active divers, there was a gap in customer service being provided. Since then, the fundamental idea that has driven our expansion has been that the status quo is not good enough. We have continuously looked at the systems at work in the business of diving and questioned if they are safe, efficient and FUN for the customer and the diving community.

That idea seems to work. The boat grew a dive shop to support the gear needs of its patrons. The shop has in tern grown into a full retail and training facility. Thanks to the investment of Capt James, the shop finally owns the ground it sits on. and will continue to grow and offer new services as we develop our new land to better serve the dive community. So if you want to learn to dive for the first time or plan your next diving adventure our shop can be your base of operations.