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Just thinking about the amazing Emerald Gulf of Panama City Beach is often enough to convince yourself to make the trip, but sometimes you want just a little bit more to convince yourself. That’s why we’ve made this article listing all of the main reasons people travel from all over the world here, and why you should travel too!

There’s so Many Things to Do:

Because we have so much to offer with both Panama City and the Beach, we’ve decided to split them in two!

For those interested in Panama City:

Come relax along the coast! One of the best ways to experience it is with PC Beach Yoga! You can relax out on the sand and let all your stress disappear! Or maybe even Race City or Zoo World if you’re looking for something fun to do with family on the trip. PCB is also a nice destination just to go explore in, since it straddles between urban and rural Florida.

For those interested in the Beach and Water:

There are tons of fun things to do! Whether you want to just relax on the beach, walk on the white sand, or get out in the water! Want to cruise out on the Gulf and maybe see a few dolphins? Check out the Sea Dragon Pirate Cruise, Sea Screamer, or Paradise Adventures! If you’re looking for something faster, you can rent jet skis from Beach Powersports and Marine to speed along the waves! Or even take it up a notch with Gulf Coast Jet Boats, riding on a boat designed for max speed! You can also rent your own pontoon boat from Lagoon Pontoons or FunPCB! You may even want to try out fishing for the many available fish species through charters like Capt. Mike Charters, Osprey Charters, or Hook’em Up Charters. Deep sea fishing is also possible with Jubilee Deep Sea Fishing! For those looking to get under the water, instead of riding above it, diving gear can be rented from Diver’s Den or Panama City Diving! And if beach is what you’re really after, rather than activities on the water, then you should consider going over to Shell Island! It’s an isolated area where Panama City has banned development, meaning you’ll get your own piece of Florida coast to lay out on with minimal people to have to share it with! You can easily reach it with your own boat, or though the Shell Island Shuttle!

A full list of things to do can be found here.

All the Beautiful Places to Stay At:

We have already made an in-depth article on the best places to stay in Panama City Beach, but we’ll go over some of them real quick here! There’s a difference between hotels, condos, and resorts that we go into in the article, but we’ll just split them up here for now.

For some of the most beautiful Hotels:

The Boardwalk Beach Hotel has an amazing view with one of the largest private beaches in the world! It also has a pet-friendly policy. La Quinta and Hampton Inn are also great hotels, but don’t have coastal locations. Due to their affordability, they’re also a common destination for Spring Breakers. Regardless, both hotels have beautiful pools and are centrally located for both events and shore-side activities! If you’re looking to have one of the best vacations possible, especially for major events, you should consider these!

For amazing Condos:

All condos are located right along the coast, unlike the hotels! Moonspinner Vacation Rentals has the best location on the Eastern part of town, but The Commodore Condos have incredibly spacious rooms for large families. Princess Condo Rentals are also unique among the other condos because it has RV parking! All of these condos have heated, coastal facing pools among other luxuries!

For incredible Resorts:

If you don’t want to even realize you’re on one of your vacations, these resorts provide comfort that the other hotels and condos can’t get quite right! Venture Out maintains the largest neighborhoods on Thomas Drive, making travel between major hotspots and the beaches incredibly simple! Resort Collection has a huge selection of properties to choose from, and if you’ve ever seen a photo of the PCB coastal skyline, you’ve likely seen buildings belonging to them! The Sheraton Bay Point Resort Is peak luxury when it comes to Panama City Beach resorts, with a private golf coures and on-site spas, it’s earned its position in the top 10 of all of PCB.

A full list of beautiful places to stay when you travel can be found here.

Unforgettably Amazing Seafood and Drinks:

Panama City Beach is famous for its crazy cocktails and fresh seafood! Lets check them out!

For Food:

For great seafood, you can’t miss the local favorite of Finn’s Island Style Grub, get here early though, the lines usually go out into the parking lot! Another local favorite for a delicious breakfast is Gypsea Crepes! They can be quite refreshing with the Florida heat! PCB musts include Spinnaker Beach Club and Pineapple Willy’s, since they’re always the ones hosting events and being shown on tv. If you’re looking to impress, The Grand Marlin will show you what luxury tastes like!

For Drinks:

There are tons of bars all around PCB, meeting the needs of thousands of Spring Breakers every year! To see where the Spring Breakers go, check out Schooners or Hammerhead Fred’s! they’ve both got wide open decks and are right on the beach! (They also provide generous amounts of alcohol in your drinks!) To avoid the party scene and experience something more gruff, check out Patches Pub & Grill! This is the place where most of the military guys from the base go to drink at the end of the day! If you’re looking for a wider selection, or for some professional help in hosting your own massive party, then Kelley’s Beach Liquors is there for sure!

A full list of local restaurants and bars can be found here.

Unique Local Shopping Experiences:

As you can imagine, having such a coastal culture leads to some unique ocean-themed items. If you’re looking to take home a piece of PCB then check these out! The Beach Art Group has routine classes and exhibitions, so if you want to have something totally unique on your wall, you should look them up! Mr. Surf’s Surf Shop is located right in the heart of Grand Lagoon, so you can find all the shore inspired gifts you need here. For those looking to blend in to the local style, you can find all the clothing you need at Sister Kate’s! For everything else, Turtle Girl’s Market provides over 40 vendors in one spot, so you won’t be missing anything during these vacations!

A full list of local shops can also be found here.

With all this to offer, there’s no way you haven’t found something to convince yourself to take the trip! Whether it’s things to do, places to stay, or places to eat or shop, we have you covered! So come on over and enjoy one of the best Florida vacations you can ever have!